Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer Nights Top

By : Mindy Lewis

Yarn Used :
Knit Picks Shadow (a lace yarn)
1 1/2 skeins used - 440yds / 50g per skein
Try a lace cotton for a lighter top.
Color Used : Pink Posy
About or less than 1 skein was used for this top.
Any yarn will work.

Needles & Notions :
US Size 7
2 to 4 buttons
Yarn Needle

Abbreviations :
K = Knit
P = Purl
CO = Cast On
YO = yarn over
Notes : This is a form fitting top. Very stretchy also. Would look great on anyone even the ones with child, no matter how far along they are.

CO 120, more or less depending on how long you would like it
(makes sure it's an even number of sts.)
Row 1 - 4 : knit
Row 5 : k2, *yo, yo, k1* to last st. k1.
Row 6 : k2, *drop yo's, k1* to last st. k1.
Rep these 6 rows til piece measures around the top of your breast
Then knit 1 row.
You don't have to had the straps, a strapless would be Very Cute too!

But if you would like

Straps (make 2) - two ways to add straps -

Pick up 4 sts where you would attach them.

Attach yarn

K1, K into front & back of next st (twice), k1. (6 sts.)

then cont. in pattern.

Row 1 - 4 : Knit

Row 5 : k2, (yo, yo, k1) 3 times, k1.

Row 6 : k2, (drop yo's, k1) 3 times, k1.


CO 6
Row 1 - 4 : knit
Row 5 : k2, (yo, yo, k1) 3 times, k1.
Row 6 : k2, ( drop yo's, k1) 3 times, k1.
Rep these 6 rows til piece is long enough to fit over shoulder from front to back.

When desired length..

For button hole

Knit 1 row

K3, yo, k2tog, k1.

Knit 2 rows.


Sew up side - cast on & bind off edges
Once side is sewed up attach straps or add them in desired place. Easiest would be a knitted area.
Add buttons to front and/or back.

Copyright 2009 by Mindy Lewis - All Rights Reserved.
I'm not perfect, never claimed to be, I'm only human and make human mistakes.
So if there are mistakes in my patterns please let me know so that I can fix them.
This pattern is only for personal, non-profit use.
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