Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer Nights Top

Summer Night's 
By : Mindy Lewis


Sara said...

Hi! I love the pattern for Summer Nights top, and would like to know approximately how much of the yarn listed you needed.


Kathy said...

Hi, I'm curious if you think this would be adaptable for a pregnant woman. I think my DIL would love it, but she's nearly 5 months pregnant now and summer heat is bearing down on us.



R a i n said...

It's gorgeous. How many skeins of the shadow did you use? One right?

Deborah said...

What a cute design. Hopefully it will keep me cool during those long hot nights. Thank you.

mary said...

Hi Mindy! Is this your own pattern?
It is simple, yet lovely-looking.
I'm a beginner & so I 1st tried your pattern (making a small swatch.) It turned out nice.
It curved a bit, but I'm scared that once the top is ready, it might be terribly curved.

Now I'm making a top & am quite disappointed because the edges are getting curved in. I think it may be a mistake in Row:5 & 6, ie: the 1st & last stitch.
Are there YO's(yarn over) for the last stitch in Row 5?

Lolo, Toaster said...

This is soo cute--in fact, I'm knitting it right now! Just a couple changes to keep it from tilting & to suit my personal taste. ;) Again, loove this design!