Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mini Santa Hat

Mini Santa Hat 
By : Mindy Lewis
Yarn :
Caron Simple Soft Eco
Color Used : Wine Country
any worsted yarn will do!
Bernet Softee Baby
Color Used : Bongo Blue
TLC Macaroon (Super Bulky)
Color : Coconut

Needles & Notions :
Us Size 3 Double Pointed & Straight
Place Marker
Yarn Needle
Row Counter if needed
Abbreviations :
K = Knit
K2Tog = Knit 2 Stitches Together
CO = Cast On

Size : about 3" Wide X 4 1/2" Tall with pompom on top of hat

Pattern Instructions

Hat Cuff :
With US 3 Straight Needles
CO 25
Knit every row til piece measures 1"
Transfer or knit to DP Needles
PM, Join for knitting in round.
Row 1-4 : Knit
Row 5 : K5, K2Tog, to end.
Row 6-7 : Knit
Row 8: K4, K2Tog, to end.
Row 9-10 : Knit
Row 11 : K3, K2Tog, to end.
Row 12-13 : Knit
Row 14 : K2, K2Tog, to end.
Row 15-16 : Knit
Row 17 : K1, K2Tog, to end.
Row 18-19 : Knit
Row 20 : K2Tog. to end.
Cut yarn, weave through remaining stitches.
Weave in ends.
To make ball on top of hat :
Leave a 2" tail,
Wrap yarn around finger a few times,
Tie ends together tightly.
Then weave both pieces through yarn needle and attach to top of hat.

Questions or comments please e-mail at : / LewisKnits - Designer Mindy Lewis


Heddy said...

How many rows are knit in the white fur? Not sure if I'm misreading the pattern, but I don't see where you switch colours.

LewisKnits said...

There are about maybe 10 or so rows, I just knit til it was about 1 inch. Then changed color and transfered to DPNs to knit in round.
I hope this helps, sorry for the confusion.